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The whole universe and all the matter, fundamental particles and elements of the entire universe are created through condensation of the Veda Mantras (The Vedic Richas).

In the first stage of creation of the universe, subtle vibrations or sound waves (vibrating entities which is called RASHMI) are created by God (Ishwar) in the elementary form of matter or subtle matter (Mool Prakriti) which are in the Para and Pashyanti state of sound. This vibrating entities or subtle sound waves (Rashmi) are the ved mantras. These are the Vedic mantras in the form of sound waves energy which are created by God (Ishwar) and of these Ved

mantras the whole universe including the fundamental particles to the heaviest objects such as all the stars, planets, galaxies, Comets, meteorites, space, so called black hole and every object, substance and matter of universe are made up and created of these smallest subtle RASHMIES (vibrating entities which are vedic mantras)He discovered that every cell in our body is made up of Ved mantras (Vibrating Entities that are RASHMIS). Electrons, Protons, Neutrons, Quarks, Qantas, all the inert matter and this whole universe is made up through these RASHMIES (Ved Mantras) Even, He is the only man in the entire world who proved the existence of God (Ishwar) through science. The scientific system, process and the scientific mechanism of working of the formless God (Ishwar) is known only to him.

He discovered that Ved Mantras are continuously echoing everywhere in space and inside all matter in the whole universe in the para and Pashyanti state of sound. If in the future some such technology is invented that can transform the Pashyanti state of sound into a Vaikhari state of sound, then we will be able to hear the ved mantras that are constantly resonating inside all the matter of the universe, which all these matter and this universe is created.The only Vedic scientist in the whole world who discovered, it is Acharya Agnivrat Naishtik Ji. He discovered and founded the Vedic Rashmi Theory of Universe (The Vedic Theory of Creation of The Universe) which is the actual theory of everything. The book itself is Vedic Physics parallel to the modern Theoretical Physics. He took almost 14 years to uncover the secrets of our universe through vedas.

He did research on Vedas and Brahman granths with his hard works, efforts and reasoning power for years and discovered the ancient vedic science which was virtually destroyed after the Mahabharata period. He did scientific interpretation of brahman granth of the Rig-Veda for the first time in the world. He also discovered an element that is four times faster than light. If you want to know and understand Vedic physics, then read his book ‘‘वेदविज्ञान-आलोकः’’ (Ved Vigyan-Alok). This book is the scientific interpretation of the Aitarey Brahman granth of the Rig-Veda, which he did for the first time in the world. The actual creation and destruction of the whole universe as well as the Vedic scientific explanation of the creation of the matter and elementary particles has been given through Vedic physics very subtly and extensively, which is not known even to modern science. If research is done on this book, then for the next 200 years, modern scientists will get everything to research this book.

This book (Ved Vigyan-Alok) contains a detailed discussion of the most complex, important and serious topics like Cosmology, Astrophysics, Quantum Field Theory, Plasma Physics, Particle Physics, Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics, String Theory, The most complex subjects of the universe – space, time, elementary particles, origin and structure of basic particles and photons, origin of dark matter, dark energy, gravitone and other field particles, structure of gravitone, cause of red shift and CMB strings, mass and energy pattern And origin, nature and origin of electric charge, mediator particles, vacuum energy, origin of various fundamental forces, form and detailed action, detailed process of origin of stars and galaxies, creation of orbits of stars in galaxy, basic state of universe, The elaborate process of creation, which begins many steps before the origin of the radicals and photons and all of their structure, properties, mechanism and many more……has been detailed in this book on many serious and fundamental subjects of physics. The book contains detailed properties and works of each and every entity of universe. It tells us properties and works of all subtle to macro objects.

Wherever modern theoretical physics is entangled in serious and unresolved problems in these subjects, their logical and detailed solution has been done by Shri Acharya Agnivrat Naishtik ji in this book. This book is in 4 parts and 2800 pages. This book solves every problem of theoretical physics and reveals every secret of the universe.

Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik ji is the only Vaidic Scientist in the whole entire world, The greatest scholar of the Vedas in the whole entire world at present time. He is the great scholar of all the ancient Vaidic scriptures and texts, Great Vaidic Philosopher, Great Author. He is the only Vaidic Theoretical Physicist in the whole entire world and the only Vaidic Cosmologist in the whole entire world.


He is the Head of Modern And Vaidic Physics Research Centre.

-Engineer Sandeep Arya

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