Research Topics


Science from origin of the universe to the process of the stars’ construction. The origin, structure and mechanism of the real dark matter and dark energy. Acharyaji’s vaidic rashmi theory will be a surprising theory discussing Big Bang theory, Eternal universe theory, Big Bang cycle and removing these theories’ errors, by that we will get a divine key to understand the universe.

Particle Physics

Structure and construction process of fundamental particles and quantas, construction of atoms and molecules.

String Theory

We will present elaborated and unprecedented mechanism of vaidic chhand and pran rashmi theory in the place of string theory. It will change the direction of science about universe but will be fundamentally ancient. Structure, pattern and mechanism of graviton.

Ishwar-Tatva Science

Ishwar-Tatva Science Scientific proof of God’s existence and his whole mechanism of construction, operating and destruction of universe. This science of God will be very surprising and be able to change the directions of thinking of modern scientists as well as very intellectual religious people of the world. The religion as well as modern physics’ direction will be changed.

Time and space

Nature and mechanism of time and space. This will be a curious subject for the modern scientist’s as well as highly ranked philosophers.


Beginning of the construction process of stars, whole structure, operating system, Revolution, Rotation...etc. elaborated mechanism. Construction process of galaxies, of the orbit of stars and planets’. Special knowledge about mechanism of nuclear fusion in the center of stars.

Quantum Field Theory

Quantum Field Theory Elaborated mechanism of interaction between charged and uncharged particles and quantas. Structure and mechanism of so called virtual particles. Vaidic Rashmi theory has such knowledge of structure and mechanism, that it will be very surprising for modern scientists. Structure, causes and mechanism of gravity, mass and electric charge …etc.

Plasma Phsysic

Science of the various activities happening in stars.

Origin of language

Specific science about the origin of language and knowledge, true aspects of vedas and their explanations. After that the directions of the world’s researchers of vedas will be changed and they have come to know about the ancient scientific tradition of the Rishis and Vedas.