The whole universe and all the matter, fundamental particles and elements of the entire universe are created through condensation of the Veda Mantras (The Vedic Richas). In the first stage of creation of the universe, subtle vibrations or sound waves (vibrating entities which is called RASHMI) are created by God (Ishwar) in the elementary form […]

इस मन्त्र में उपदेश किया गया है कि वह परमपिता परमेश्वर अपनी व्यप्ति से जीवात्मा रूपी इन्द्र का मित्र है। हे मनुष्यो! उस सर्वव्यापक परमात्मा के कर्मों को देखो और समझने का प्रयास करो। मनुष्य इन कर्मों को देख व समझकर ही अपने व्रतों का पालन कर सकता है। यदि हम ज्ञान व भाषा की […]

After five thousand years, again in the last 150-200 years, science and technology have made unprecedented development in the world, and man’s life has completely changed. The reason for this was to know more and more the fundamental laws of physics, for which scientists worked hard day and night. Based on these laws, we have […]