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Asutosh Kumar

Family of Determinantal Identities

 In this article, we establish a family of determinantal identities of which the Cassini’s identity is a particular case.


Asutosh Kumar

Sums of P-Sequences

In this article, we obtain closed expressions for odd and even sums, the sum of the first n numbers, and the sum of squares of the first n numbers of the “exponent” p-sequence whose “seeds” are (0,1,…,p-1).


Asutosh Kumar

Golden Ratios and Golden Angles

In a p-sequence, every term is the sum of p previous terms given p initial values called seeds. It is an extension of the Fibonacci sequence. In this article, we investigate the p-golden ratio of p-sequences…


Asutosh Kumar

Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio and Generalized Additive Sequences

In this article, we recall the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, their properties and applications, and some early generalizations of the golden ratio. 


Asutosh Kumar

Weak-Measurement Induced Quantum Discord and Monogamy of X States

Weak-measurement induced quantum discord or super quantum discord (SQD) is a generalization of the normal quantum discord and is defined as the difference between quantum mutual information and classical correlation obtained by weak measurements in a given quantum system.


Asutosh Kumar

Reckoning Dimensions

In this article, we seek an alternative avenue–in contrast to the conventional hypercube approach–to reckon physical or abstract dimensions from an information perspective alone.


Asutosh Kumar

Matter, Consciousness, and Causality--Space, Time, Measurement, and more

In this article, we refine the elements of physics. We consider the [primordial] matter and consciousness as eternal and the causes of the creation of the universe via “causality”.