The Essentiality of Vaidic Science

Unveiling Ancient Secrets

Humans and other living beings all have a natural desire to be happy and free from suffering. 

Animals use their instincts to try to achieve this, while humans use science (both physical and spiritual). Therefore, the goal of science should always be to benefit all of humanity. Otherwise, it cannot be called science. 

Despite the growing popularity of both physical and spiritual science, the world is still plagued by unrest and suffering. This is because physical science is unwilling to go beyond the limits of direct experience and think about anything that cannot be proven through its current capabilities of observation or experiment. On the other hand, so called spiritual science does not use reason or logic and instead relies on faith and belief.

As a result, both physical and spiritual science are not only far apart, but they are also full of confusion and superstition.

Neither one has the ability or willpower to reach the ultimate truth. In fact, it seems that both have been hijacked by a few cunning people.

Modern science, especially physics, is unable to understand the origin and creation of the universe and all of its matter, both subtle and gross, due to its commitment to the limitations of experimentation, observation, testing and mathematics.

In addition, there has been a lull in fundamental research in physics. As a result, many contradictory and hypothetical concepts about the origin of the universe are flourishing in the name of science. Because it cannot reach the root, physical science is making humans into atheists, anarchists and materialistic animals by denying the scientific necessity of the existence of Ishwar and the soul. On the other hand, spiritual science, which is based mostly on false beliefs, is pushing humans into the deep darkness of superstition in the absence of physical science.

In such darkness, only Vaidic Science can show the way for both. This science systematically explains the process of creation from the root cause of creation.

If we assume the existence of a fundamental material cause (the underlying substance and initial state of the universe), then we must acknowledge the necessity for a conscious entity to initiate action or impart force upon this initially unmanifested state. This state is characterized by an absence of mass, charge, motion, activity, sound, heat, force, energy and light and this substance is spread throughout infinite space.

Conscious force is the root cause of all forces. The actions and fluctuations that result from force are in the form of sound waves. These sound waves are the Vaidic Mantras (which are present in the form of vibrations/fluctuations are called Rashmi in Vaidic Science).

From these Vaidic Rashmies, fluctuations begin in the fundamental material, leading to the sequential emergence of six types of matter. In the seventh stage, the Akasha Tattva (space) arises, followed by the formation of photons, quarks, electrons, bosons and their antiparticles, along with dark matter and dark energy.

Knowledge of intangible substances such as time and direction also comes from Vaidic Science.

The process of creation through vibrations in the form of Vaidic Mantras is explained in our book ‘VedVigyan-Alok’ using Vaidic Rashmi Theory. It is important to know that no other energy can be generated in the basic root material besides sound. The comparison of the initial disturbance to the form of sound as defined by modern science is quite appropriate. The forms of disturbance in it will also be different according to the form of matter.

Thus, the substances (quarks, photons, electrons, bosons and space) that modern science considers to be the fundamental substances are actually a play of Vaidic Mantras, which begins six steps before their origin. The scientific method of understanding the science of action of creation and Ishwar’s work was lost after the Mahabharata. 

There are some indications of this in Rishi Dayanand’s commentary on the Ved. We have extended this method to a great extent. Until the Ved and Aarsh texts are understood in our style using this method, which is actually that of the sages, the science of these great texts cannot be illuminated.

We have given the world the Vaidic Rashmi Theory of creation and operation through this method. This theory will show both physical and spiritual science a clear and systematic path that can establish a kingdom of happiness, peace and joy on the entire earth.

Acharya Agnivrat