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Honourable General Secretary, United Nations
New York, United States of America

Topic – Agenda 2030

It is requested within the above subject that by reading Vision 2030 published by the United Nations, one may initially feel that there can be no other way to make the world happy. Its vision is-

We envisage a world free of poverty, hunger, disease and want, where all life can thrive. We envisage a world free of fear and violence. A world with universal literacy. A world with equitable and universal access to quality education at all levels, to health care and social protection, where physical, mental and social well-being are assured. A world where we reaffirm our commitments regarding the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation and where there is improved hygiene, and where food is sufficient, safe, affordable and nutritious. A world where human habitats are safe, resilient and sustainable and where there is universal access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.

It looked beautiful, but when looking at the full format, it appears that some ambitious people have some other secret agenda behind this agenda, or the world’s policymakers are making some mistakes to realize this vision. Let’s look at the history of the United Nations; it seems that it and other global institutions associated with it have disappointed the world more. A powerful country continued to occupy the land of its neighboring countries, violated maritime boundaries, and threatened the neighbors, but no one could do anything. Some countries have warned other countries not to make, not increase, or test nuclear weapons, even after accumulating atomic weapons. They threaten to ban any countries from making mutual trade, banning any country at any time and destroying their economy. Some countries also punish any nation for having relations with a particular country. They attack any country on the false suspicion of possessing a banned weapon and even kill its President.

Last year, The coronavirus spread from China’s Wuhan lab; which country was the grantor to that lab, who were the capitalists? That virus was called the Chinese virus by then US President Donald Trump. The whole world knew this, but no one could do anything. What was the planning behind this disease, what warnings were given by top and unbiased scientists about its vaccine, how many times WHO changed its views, medicine and vaccine were tried on humans like animals, and even now is being done? How did the media and governments intimidate patients? How many lies did the top responsible people and organizations globally tell? The whole world has seen this. Many honest doctors from many countries of the world alerted everyone.

There were many demonstrations around the world against the Corona conspiracy and vaccine, but no one listened to them. Has medical science not even known to date the effect of fear and panic on any patient? Due to lack of oxygen and excess carbon dioxide due to masking, would people’s immunity not have decreased? Wouldn’t the vaccine cause a decrease in immunity to other diseases? I am sure that due to Corona guidelines, many diseases will spread more seriously in future. Doesn’t medical science know this, or are its facts hidden and being hidden? Sir, In the interest of the world, please kindly request a comprehensive investigation into this matter.

The organization you declared as the ferocious terrorist was the most wanted terrorist of the world. Today, the same organization and those most wanted terrorists are ruling a country. The countries or organizations that have declared them terrorists are silent and openly giving financial support. Some governments create terrorists in their country, provide them with protection, conduct terrorist attacks in other countries. But why the world became compelled is beyond my understanding.

Today some developed countries are making emerging countries their slaves by giving them financial aid. To date, Bharat (India), the world’s largest democracy, has not got a permanent membership of the Security Council. It is worth mentioning that its some permanent members are also those countries, which have invaded other countries, looted them, snatched their lands, but Bharat (India), which has suffered foreign invasions but never attacked anyone. Bharat (India) always provided economic cooperation to other countries according to its capability. Still, it did not want anything from them in return. Peace soldiers of Bharat (India) always played a leading role in establishing peace in the world. Bharat (India) is also the second-largest country globally in terms of population, but it was still ignored.

What is the role of the emerging nations of the world in front of the developed countries today? Today any powerful country can intimidate any weak country. From all this, it seems that no one can control the powerful country in the whole world today. When in the last 75-76 years, the UN did not do anything special in these subjects mentioned above, now in the next nine years the earth will be made heaven, showing such a dream, is there any plan to do any deceit with the poor and developing countries? Or has the world found such a great man who will change the whole world by becoming the emperor of this earth? If so, then there is a great curiosity to know about that great man.

Sir, I would like to draw your attention to a few points from your ‘Agenda 2030’-

Goal 2: End Hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture-
It talks about double the income of farmers and agricultural production, increasing the nutrients of foodgrains and fruits, producing seeds capable of survival even in various natural calamities, and making agriculture environment friendly. For this, setting up banks of different types of seeds and plants at the national and international level has been shown as a measure. It is ideal, but the solution will promote capitalism and make farmers slaves of seed companies. It talks about preserving plants and animals through gene technology. Wouldn’t this idea of ​​yours be destructive to animals and plants and a curse on mankind? Geoffrey Smith wrote in his article –

An Austrian government study published in November 2018 showed that the more GM corn was fed to mice, the fewer the babies they had (PDF) and the smaller the babies were.

Central Iowa Farmer Jerry Rosman also had trouble with pigs and cows becoming sterile. Some of his pigs even had false pregnancies or gave birth to bags of water. After months of investigations and testing, he finally traced the problem to GM corn feed. Every time a newspaper, magazine or TV show reported jerry’s issues, he would receive calls from more farmers complaining of livestock sterility on their farm, linked to GM corn.

In Haryana, India, a team of investigating veterinarians report that buffalo consuming GM cottonseed suffer from infertility, as well as frequent abortions, premature deliveries and prolapsed uteruses. Many adult and young buffalo have also died mysteriously.

That is, GM Seeds can cause infertility and impotence. It is never fair to make farmers rich by developing agriculture through gene technology in such a situation. In contrast, the reality is that this is a way to promote scientists and seed companies working on gene technology and destroying farmers. And this is just a plan to make pharma companies rich by making humans and animals who eat GM food grains or fodder sick. With these seeds and some medicines, the younger generation is being made impotent and infertile and then shops of infertile prevention are being run i.e. business on both sides.

Sir, I would like to request that some farmers in our country produce nutritious food in abundance by using fresh cow dung as manure. It does not require expensive chemical fertilizers and does not require insecticide chemicals. In such a situation, why this remedy cannot be told to farmers all over the world? Today, whatever is happening in the name of organic manure. However, it is justified compared to toxic chemical manure, but it is also polluting in front of fresh cow dung. In the eyes of the present agricultural scientists, the only way to promote nutrition is to tamper with the genes of the seeds, which is very dangerous.

Suppose the fresh cow dung is not being given attention because it will make the farmers self-reliant without being dependent on any company. In that case, they will become wealthy and healthy. Companies making chemical fertilizers, seeds and pesticides and indirectly, pharma companies will be closed or destroyed? Does it seem more appropriate to have a few capitalists develop sustainably than the billions of farmers globally? Is it humanity to make billions of humans and animals sick and enslaved? You are requested to kindly survey how many diseases have increased after the modernization of agriculture has increased in the world. In fact, until agriculture is again made judiciously based on cows and bulls, the destruction game will continue like this. Sir, Because of this, your goal no. 2 will never be successful. It will only cause far-reaching destruction.

Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages-
This goal of yours also appears in the same kind of illusion, as the water of mirage looks beautiful to a thirsty deer in summer. To achieve this, the deer gives up its life while running but does not get water. You have assured good health to the people. Maternity women, young children and newborns have shown a dream to stop the mortality rate, but ‘Wojciech Piontek, Institute of Geography, Cracow, Poland’ has said in his article on ‘sustainable development’  that it is necessary to reduce the population and has said –

The most orthodox supporters  of the depopulation concept are calling for a reduction in the world population at least 90% So that it does not exceed 500 million.

i.e. Some people aim to reduce the whole earth’s population by 90 per cent and keep it only 10 per cent. Hey! How cruel are these people!

After this terrible statement, while making the world aware of the reality, presenting a horrific example of a modern, so-called developed and civilized world, the same author has written –

The Effectiveness of action to promote abortion as a tool of development is evidenced by the fact, according to available estimates, between 1990 and 2016 approximately 1.5 Billion unborn children were killed, which is more than 20% at the current Global population.

i.e. from 1990 to 2016, 1.5 billion unborn children were killed.

Which children are you talking about saving in such a situation? Will the UN ever try to survey that the number of diseases decreased or increased after introducing allopathic medicine and vaccines? Is ageing a sign of health? People may live longer but live by taking medicines for the rest of their lives. The number of hospitals in the world should increase, pharma companies should become more and more wealthy. This is what has remained the world’s health policy of the world? Isn’t the entire game of Corona at present a painful example of this policy? Dr Peter R. Bregging of America has revealed this whole conspiracy in a 134 page, very authentic document, but no one listened to him.

Then how do we want to give good health to the world? In the human history of millions of years, did the idea of ​​controlling population ever come, did the population ever increase so much, did the population ever become a problem? Then how did these problems arise today? For millions of years, man has been healthy and strong through his natural lifestyle, Yagya, yoga, meditation and medicine based on herbs and food. He has not needed special medicines and vaccines. He used to be healthy with all three bodies, mind and soul, but will the present medical system be able to do this, or will it be able to do so? Sometimes there was indeed a great loss of life due to infectious diseases. Still, those who lived remained completely healthy and strong, but how many people are there in the world today, especially in developed countries or so-called progressive people, who are not dependent on any medicine, who is not suffering from anxiety, grief, depression, fear etc.? Unless this happens, human society cannot be considered healthy. Earlier, nature used to keep the population balanced, but man himself has become man’s killer today. He wants to slowly kill this human society by making it sick to sell medicines and medical equipment. Where there are billions of foeticides, can that society be considered civilized, where mass genocide is planned by making new viruses of diseases, where devious or unreasonable motives are hidden behind the vaccine? How can that society be scientific? And can it be called civilized?

In the view of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, the founder of Arya Samaj, Science is said to be that which, along with complete knowledge of the inert matter of this universe, is beneficial to all beings by providing a comprehensive understanding of the conscious as well. But, can today’s so-called scientific age really be called scientific? Where there is a race to snatch away the rights of all for the selfishness of some people, will humanity be able to survive there?

You have spoken of non-violence and peace in Goal No. 4. Is there any relevance of non-violence in the above situation? Where millions of animals and birds and aquatic animals are killed every day in the world because of their gluttony, or to increase their income, talking of non-violence, there is like giving a speech on giving up alcohol to people with a bottle of liquor in their hand while drowsy. As far as stopping the rate of population growth is concerned, the artificial means that are being officially adopted in the world today have made human society disorderly and have brought them down from animals and has also made him prone to mental and physical diseases. Their use is also causing a huge increase in sexual crimes around the world. Even though the public is suffering all these pains, some may be experiencing happiness in sorrows due to their ignorance. Still, many pharma companies, doctors, manufacturers of artificial contraceptive means are flourishing. Today’s so-called civilized human being is trying to make himself immortal and is killing unborn children in the womb or preventing pregnancy and fulfilling the pleasures. This is such a situation, where a railway passenger himself enjoys the seats and does not allow any new passenger to come. Is this development? Is this civilization?

Even limited children have been preached in the Vedas. For this, human beings have been instructed to live restrained life. By this, human society will be healthy and crime-free. There will be no unnecessary expenditure of his money. Then are all these means only to benefit the companies? This is a serious question.

Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all-  
Under this, the special discussion has been made about the development of information and communication technology. Along with this, there has been talked of running high-level education, technology and scientific programs.

Sir, The fundamental base of any technology is theoretical physics. Still, in the last almost two decades, there has been no significant invention in theoretical physics. Scientists of the world are now getting disappointed about this. A glimpse of this can be seen on CERN’s website as follows –

…without new discoveries, it’s hard to keep a younger generation interested. If both the LHC and the upcoming cosmological surveys find no new physics, it will be difficult to motivate new theorists. If you don’t know where to go or what to look for, it’s hard to see in which direction your research should go and which ideas you should explore…

i.e. in the absence of new research, how to attract youth towards physics, it is a matter of concern.

In such a situation, a serious question arises: Can any technology developed based on questionable and incomplete theories ever be safe?

Whatever technology exists today or is being invented, is there any technology or any medicine or chemical, which does not cause any side effect on the body, mind and environment? Are thousands of scientists in the world today not studying the side effects of these technologies etc.? Aren’t billions of dollars being spent on this? Spending money and time first searching for incomplete theories, then spending money and time searching for their side effects, then spending money and time on other ideas and technology, how long will this innocent child’s play continue? Isn’t all this the game of the capitalists, who want to live an immortal life by becoming the owner of the wealth of the whole earth?

Sir, In my view, modern sciences like current information technology, gene technology, virology, fertilizers, pharma industry, artificial intelligence, and pesticide chemicals will destroy the earth. Today its severe side effects will not be felt by the scientists or the greedy capitalists, and companies associated with them will keep them suppressed, but one day an explosive situation will definitely arise. By then, the case will get out of hand. Today, through the dreadful web of radio waves, we are polluting space, and we are continuously moving forward in the blind race of development. The same race will become the cause of our death. Current physicists neither know anything about the nature and structure of space and its components, nor do they know anything specific about the nature and components of radio waves. In such a situation, the indiscriminate use of information technology is the same kind of destructive madness, as driving a vehicle by a driver without knowing anything about the nature and structure of both the road and the vehicle, etc., is destructive insanity. From this example, the horrors of indiscriminate use of each technology can be understood.

Sir, In the eyes of the materialistic world, science has an important place in all the branches of education. Also, in science, physics is the root of all other sciences. We strongly want to say that when physics itself is helpless, confused and frustrated in many ways, the technical application of any branch of science can never be safe. We would also like to say that as far as modern physics knows about elementary particles, photons, dark matter, dark energy, space, mass, electric charge and fundamental force, etc., we can give so much science through our Vedic Physics (the eternal physics of the Vedas and Vedic sages, who are the great ancestors of all of us on earth) that the current scientists of the world can hardly discover in the next 50-100 years.

Sir, today, the planned flow of promoting technology as science is going on. It can be considered as propaganda by only a few capitalists of the world. The reason for this is that technology is an excellent tool for making its manufacturing companies rich. By making man luxuriant and sick by its indiscriminate use, pharma companies, individuals, and institutions associated with the medical field also get additional economic benefits. Why will these people not entrap the governments and citizens of countries worldwide in the paranoia of facilities? In fact, the slogan of an easy life is making our destruction easy too. Our ancestors used to be ascetics, not luxuriant.

Suppose the whole world tries to understand the creation of the universe through Vedic Physics and the science of conscious matter and inert matter. In that case, the world can be saved from destruction, and many severe problems of present physics can also be resolved. Along with this, science can also be taken to new but actual heights, in which everything will be in the layman’s interest.

Sir, a plan is being made to send qualified teachers from developed countries to less developed countries, will they not do the work of making other countries their intellectual slaves by promoting their civilization and sect along with their education? This has been the sad history of the spread of different sects in the world.

Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls-  

In this, you have expressed the resolve of gender equality and women empowerment. For this, you have suggested measures like equality of women in economic resources, participation in land etc. and participation of their leadership at all levels.

Sir, we would like to know whether the UN will survey such countries of the world that raise the issue of women’s rights loudly; how many women have become Prime Ministers and Presidents so far in those countries? In how many countries have women had social and religious rights? And if so, since when? What will the United Nations do on those texts and those sects when the basic books of the world’s sects talk about exploitation or atrocities against women? We also have a desire to know this.

In ancient Bhartiya (Indian) Vedic society, there were many women-sage (Rishika), i.e. scientists, there was always the queen’s participation with the king, but what was the condition of other countries? If we talk about women empowerment, Bhagwati Sita, Veerangana Maharani Kaikeyi, Mata Kunti, Maharani Durgavati, Rani Laxmibai, Ahilya Bai, Jija Bai etc. are shining examples of Bhartiya (Indian) society. In our Vedic community, there used to be an unbreakable relationship of faith, trust and love between husband and wife and all the family members. There was no division of property. In Bhartiya (Indian) rural life, the man earns and hands over that money to his wife. Both run the family together with love. There is no division among them. Here the woman is said to be the other half of the man. Both take part in every religious work. Here the elderly are not sent to old age homes. There are no unwanted children. Unfortunately, today the black shadow of the laws of western countries has started falling in Bharat (India) too. In fact, all your plans are only for the fragmentation of families and the destruction of the social concept. By this, the whole world will fall into the animality of ‘live-in relation.

Sir, Efforts are being made everywhere to push the man in the fire of rights. Still, there is no discussion of duty and morality in today’s so-called civilized society. Today, the world should be taught the lesson of the balance of rights and responsibilities and justice based on merit and nature from Vedic culture.

Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all –  

Today, excessive production and consumption of energy in the world have been accepted as the criterion of development. This means that the luxuriant person is considered developed, and the sacrificing and simple person is considered backward. That is why today, the man who is called developed and civilized has left the animals and birds far behind in the competition for eating or pleasures. Due to the over-exploitation of natural resources, the ecosystem of the earth and oceans has deteriorated to a catastrophic level. Today, inventions are being made for the production of safe energy. Still, no one talks about living a life of simplicity and sacrifice. In this fierce competition, the gap between rich and poor has widened so much that your promise of economic equality can never be fulfilled. As far as I can understand, there appears to be some deceit or indiscretion in this statement as well. One point is also worth considering that today, what is deemed clean energy, its terrible side effects will definitely be known in the future; this has been the history till now. In fact, the pollution which we cannot see, we do not consider it pollution; it is our ignorance and short-sightedness.

Sir, one thing is very important: we are exploiting coal, uranium, petroleum, etc., from the earth for energy supply, are they not filled by God in the womb of the earth for some other purpose? Wouldn’t the earth’s ecosystem be a victim of side effects due to their exploitation? In my opinion, this exploitation would be very harmful to the health of the planet. Scientists from all over the world should research it. We should use energy sparingly; otherwise, we are all going to perish. In the present method of obtaining solar energy, solar plates will also be pathogenic by increasing pollution in the future. In fact, the energy obtained from cutting down trees is the least harmful, and it is a never-ending source. By planting trees, we can maintain them forever. Animal energy, the energy obtained from cow dung etc., are also permanent sources, but they are being eradicated. Research on any other safe technology to obtain solar energy will be necessary. A safe method of obtaining wind energy will have to be widely developed. Even so, energy consumption has to be kept to a minimum. We have to become ascetic.

The teaching of the Vedas is that every wealthy person should consider his wealth to belong to God and society and use it sparingly. Along with this, every poor person should not be jealous of the rich, believe in his own hard work, and bear the sufferings laughingly. On the other hand, having compassion for the poor, the rich should dedicate their wealth to the nation’s interest or the world. Only by this thought can peace be established in the world.     

In Goal no. 8, you have talked about protecting workers’ rights, but where will workers’ lives be safe due to increasing mechanization? Today the entire technology is only for serving the interests of the capitalists. Today, the future of the workers and the farmers, small traders, and the middle class seems to be in trouble. Big companies will also eat small industrialists.

We have already discussed some of the points in Goal No. 9 and 10. Still, I would like to request that today the fashion of giving and receiving unnecessary loans and grants, from individual to large countries, is only to trap everyone in the web of dependency. With this, poor and weak countries will become slaves of rich and powerful countries forever, then what will one do? Today, it is also being seen that powerful countries start threatening any country even after being indebted. In fact, where is the justice in the transaction? If the world had accepted the words (such a father, who leaves behind debt is like an enemy) of the great Acharya Chanakya of Bharat (India), then no country or human would get caught in the destructive tendency of unnecessary loans and grants.

Goal 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable-  

You have talked about accelerating the process of urbanization under this goal. It seems that by settling rural people in cities, giving them some livelihood, they will be removed from agriculture and livestock. Otherwise, the process of urbanization will be accelerated. What is the meaning of doing? Today, urbanization is happening very fast in the world anyway. It is also true that a healthy and natural environment for health can be found only in villages than in cities. The rural person is self-reliant in terms of food, milk, fruits, and vegetables etc., and with proper use of them, he can remain healthy and strong as compared to the urban person. The rural person can and does get his livelihood independently through his agriculture and animal husbandry. Unfortunately, increasing mechanization has made the lifestyle of farmers luxuriant, disease-causing and expensive. Due to this, where there has been an increase in environmental pollution, the self-sufficiency of the farmer is also slowly ending. It would be unfortunate to give the rural areas the charm of urban life in such a situation. When troubled by air pollution and stressful life in metros, urban people try to calm their minds by visiting villages, forests and mountains. In such a situation, the idea of keeping the people living in forests, mountains and villages disturbed, unhappy and dependent is absolutely unjustified. Is it not that it is easier to control or enslave the urban people than the rural people? Due to this, a plan has been made to promote urbanization? This time the world has seen that due to Corona, there has been more death in the cities; even then, how does urbanization seem appropriate? Suppose you really want to make the villagers happy and prosperous. In that case, they have to be educated in a prudent economy based on agriculture and animal husbandry, in which everything should be in accordance with nature.

Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
Of course, climate change is a big problem for this earth, but it seems that the reasons given for this are half-truth and short-sighted, and there seems to be some other agenda behind it.

Sir, This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics is also linked to climate change. Three scientists have received the award. I have been watching the work of Nobel Prize winners in Physics since 2017. It seems to me that the world’s physicists have nothing new for research in the field of physics. That’s why they have started eating stale food by heating and considering it as big research, and it also gets Nobel Prize on it. In 2017, the Nobel Prize on the discovery of gravitational waves was given, on which I sent nine questions to those three scientists, Nobel Foundation, NASA, and CERN in addition to the physics departments of the top 40 universities of 27 countries of the world, but no one had the answers to my questions. NASA thought it appropriate to refrain from answering questions but did send me the mail. A Nobel laureate wrote to me-

Unfortunately, I am so overwhelmed that I am unable to answer questions at this time and most likely not until 2018.

EVERYONE REMAINED SILENT when I said that I could answer all these questions with Vedic Physics. After 2018 passed again, when I wanted to know this scientist’s answer, he became silent. This shows that the present science is somewhere on the foundation of bias and prejudice. Otherwise, why they do not wish to get answers to these questions?

The 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics, awarded on the biggest and most spoken lie (the Big-Bang model) in modern physics. In 2020 awarded on the topic of Black Hole, on which many questions were raised by Bhartiya (Indian) astronomer Dr Abhas Mitra and some questions by me too. After these questions, British scientist Stephen Hawking had made many changes in his thoughts about the black hole. Still, he did not take the name of Dr Mitra anywhere. Then where is the acceptance of truth? This time the noble deviated from the subject itself. These scientists have attributed carbon dioxide to climate change and presented some of their models. It is a matter of great surprise that giving priority to research on carbon dioxide by leaving other deadly factors than carbon dioxide for climate change and fearing the world with carbon dioxide by giving Nobel Prize on it, is it not part of any plan?

According to an article published in the ‘Natural Resources Defense Council’, four gases and water vapour produce the greenhouse effect. The gases with the most deadly impact are fluorinated gases. However, their amount in the atmosphere is small. Still, their role in increasing the earth’s temperature is 1000-10,000 times more than carbon dioxide. Then why does no one talk about it? This gas is the product of modern technology. The gas that produces less heat than this is nitrous oxide. Although it also shows 300 times the effect than carbon dioxide, it is also often discussed less. The discussion is only about methane and carbon dioxide. Methane exhibits a heating effect of 25 times carbon dioxide but only 1/4 to 1/400 part of fluorinated gases. Still, there is also a lot of noise about it, and pet animals are targeted.

Some in the name of vegan, while some people associated with PETA systematically cover animals with a veil of pity and dissuade pastoralists from rearing them. As far as carbon dioxide is concerned, it has the least greenhouse effect. Still, by showing it as the most harmful in climate change, going away from the tradition of physics, the Nobel Prize is given to it so that the whole world’s attention can be drawn towards it. I am afraid in the name of an increase in carbon dioxide, in the future, this artificial fear can make new laws to make the poor people not burn the wood stove, not perform Vedic Yajna-havan, hurt the worship system of Hindus, and also attack their funeral rites.

It is important that instead of all gases, carbon dioxide must remain in the atmosphere. Otherwise, the plant world will end, the entire carbon cycle will be shattered, and no living being will be able to survive in its absence. If the question arises here that due to the high amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it is necessary to stop its growth. In that case, this argument is also false.

If you look at the data published in an article, then according to the statistics of USA 2019, the percentage of these gases is as follows –

CO2   =  80 %
CH4   =   10 %
Nitrous oxide  =   7 %
Fluorinated gases =   3 %

If we consider the heating effect of carbon dioxide as A, then the heating effect of these gases on this earth is proved as follows–

Carbon dioxide  =  A
Methane = 25/8 A
Nitrous oxide = 52.5 A
Fluorinated gases = 75/2 A to 375 A

Even so, is it justified to be intimidated by the name of carbon dioxide? Is this humanity? Is it honesty? If someone here expresses the apprehension of the destruction of trees by burning wood, then in response, I would like to request that man has been dependent on trees since his origin, i.e. millions of years on trees. He kept cutting trees and growing them, but carbon dioxide never became the cause of the destruction of the earth’s environment. According to an article published in the ‘Natural Resources Defense Council’, the amount of carbon dioxide we emit in the last 40 years is almost half of the carbon dioxide emitted in the previous 260 years (i.e. from 1750 to 2010). Then for carbon dioxide, wood stove, Yagya-havan or funeral of Hindus etc., is not responsible, but the so-called development happening at present is responsible. Carbon dioxide is essential for life too. It is important to note that not the excess of carbon dioxide but the lack of oxygen is dangerous. Today’s entire technology is the reason for the destruction of oxygen. Even then, we are running like crazy towards technology. Even after this, we scream about carbon dioxide.

According to an article published in ‘The Guardian’, 125 million tons of carbon dioxide are emitted every year due to cell phones only.

The article published on the website ‘Reboxed’ shows complete statistics of CO2 emissions from the production, transportation, use and recycling of various models of iPhones. The entire human society has been dependent on mobiles, then who is responsible for an increase in CO2? These waves cause cancer, so let it happen, eyes are destroyed, doesn’t matter, if children’s life becomes hell, it may continue, but do not lag behind in the race of development, wow! what is wisdom?

According to another article, the sources of CO2 emissions in the USA in 2019 are as follows –

Transportion                               =    35 %
Electricity                                  =    31 %
Industry                                      =    16 %
Residential and Commercial   =    11 %

Now, who can control these sources of current so-called development? Isn’t this development the biggest reason for the growth of CO2? Will the UN consider something to stop it?

According to an article –

In 2019, total US electricity generation by the electric power industry of 4.13 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh) from all energy sources resulted in the emission of 1.72 Billion metric tons 1.90 Billion short tons of carbon dioxide. This equalled about 0.90 pounds of co2 emission per kWh

i.e., in 2019 alone, 1.72 billion metric tons of CO2 were emitted from electricity generation in the USA.

Sir, aren’t all these figures enough to show that the increase of CO2 fears being shown is also the result of modern development. Suppose the rich countries of the world and all the rich people cut the amenities (like electricity, mobile internet, vehicles etc.) even by half, and all the people stop unnecessary use of them, then the world can be saved. If they adopt a traditional and natural lifestyle, there can never be any crisis. Would anyone have any thoughts on this topic? Would anyone be ready to stop the emissions of the deadliest fluorinated gases? Will there be an end to the blind race of development and increasing urbanization? If not, then talking about climate change is completely meaningless. Today, it seems that the summits of the world’s politicians are no more than a picnic. If all the villages of the world become self-reliant in terms of electricity, cooking fuel and manure, if they promote dung gas plants making noise on methane, then how much energy will be saved but who is concerned about making the poor self-reliant? Everyone is only worried about making some capitalists prosperous. We also know that death is inevitable, and the thirst for wealth will never end, yet such cruelty for wealth?

Sir, I have to say with regret that the present environmental scientists do not even have complete knowledge of the meaning of the word ‘Paryavaran’, which is a Sanskrit language word. They consider only soil, water and air as the environment. Their environmental science is completed only by measuring their temperature. In fact, these three are very gross parts of our environment, and no one has any knowledge of the subtle aspects. Today space, which is subtle than these three matters, has been polluted by many types of man-made radio waves. From a born child to a dying older person plays in this pollution, and this game of death is considered an important part of development. Everything has been digitalized or is being done. One is neither afraid nor aware of the deadly mental and physical diseases caused by its pollution. Even if an honest scientist warns about it, it is not discussed anywhere. If anything is done, then a person intoxicated with digitalization can neither give up his addiction nor allow the government to leave because now everything is online. This space pollution will not be limited only to physical and mental diseases; it will also definitely cause, or increase, natural disasters by becoming an indirect cause of air, water and soil pollution and global warming.

Space pollution (information technology) will have a direct and essential role in the occurrence of lightning strikes. Due to this, the poor and the villagers will have to face this tragedy more because not all people will install a lightning rod. Due to this, the farmers, livestock farmers and labourers working on the fields will face more trouble. Today entire information technology, artificial intelligence, robots etc., are the only means of destroying space.

Now, I would like to discuss the subtle but most deadly and basic pollution than space pollution, Manas-Tattva (related to mind) pollution. Today, the entire Manas of this universe, which is more subtle than space and the strings known by current physics, is terribly polluted by the waves of lust, anger, ego, jealousy, malice, untruth, sorrow, grief, violence, greed, etc., emanating from the human brain or other beings. Pain waves generated by killing crores of living beings and causing suffering to other human beings, harmful waves generated by repeated lies spoken by billions of human beings every day, sexual disorder, mutual jealousy, hatred and greed, etc., affect not only this earth but also the entire universe. Due to this, not only the increase of heat on the earth, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, cyclones, droughts, floods, forest fires, heavy snowfall etc. But in the future, the activities happening in the Sun will also be affected and will cause trouble for us. Since last year, in the name of Corona, in the form of lies, fear, cheating and violence, the world has seen the horrific anarchy of the so-called famous people, doctors, governments and media of the world; we saw the result of the same sin, this time around the world, in the form of the cruel orgy of the weather. Unfortunately, this whole lie has been repeatedly spoken all over the world at the official level. If anyone scoffs at this view of ours, I would like to say only here that he neither seriously understands nor can understand physics as well as environmental science. Suppose today the world plant more and more trees and research the science of Vedic Yagya and adopt it, humans practice yoga-meditation by purifying their thoughts, the whole world ban from eating meat, fish, eggs etc. and mind fill with positive waves of kindness, compassion, friendship, truth and virtue, then the destruction of the environment can still be stopped. Yagya is a purely chemical process, and It would be ignorance to see it from a communal point of view. If anyone considers it to be communal, I would like to know which of its gases and which are the communal substances out of Ghee, Flora and Ignis?

Sir, I would like to draw your attention to one more point. For millions of years in the world, man has been living on this earth by building a house, but the remains of how many houses are found today? Where did all go? How did they merge into the soil? Now think that will this earth be able to bear the rubble of the houses of the present cement era? Will this debris be recycled? Then will the land not be poisonous and barren? Does anyone have any idea about this?

Sir, there can be more points, but I do not want to write more out of fear of detail. Still, I would like to request with great humility that is the root of all physical science in the Vedas and the root of the whole knowledge necessary for living life. Unfortunately, the Vedas are being understood only as of the text of Bharat (India) and Hindus. Everyone is to blame for this. In my view, some of the medieval masters of the Hindus are guilty, who did not understand the actual science of the Vedas and the scriptures of the sages and presented their distorted and horrific form to the world. Along with this, Hindus propagated it as their own, then the people of other sects not only refused to accept this great treasure of knowledge and science as their own but also made it an object of opposition and hatred. The society which does not accept any valuable thing as its own and starts opposing and hating it, then that community is doing injustice to itself, not to any other.

In fact, the Vedas are a cosmic text. The universe has been created only by the sounds of the mantras present in it. In everything in the world, there is a subtle but widespread presence of the sounds of the Vedas. To prove this and explain the entire creation science in a much deeper and broader way than modern science, I have given ‘Vedic Rashmi Theory’ to the world, on which my team members and I are ready to communicate with any level of scientist or group of scientists with a friendly spirit. With this, the entire human race can be tied in the thread of unity. Vedas are capable of solving all the problems of this earth, and the texts of Vedic sages will be a complete help in this. If the United Nations wants, then through Vedas, the welfare of all human beings, even animals of all countries, can be done. For this, everyone will have to leave their prejudices, stubbornness and ego and selfishness etc.

Sir, Now the world has no other way than the Vedic Path. Therefore, the sooner we start walking on this path, the more it will be in our interest. Otherwise, we will have to come here after destruction. Till then, whatever exercise you want to do, please do it.

I humbly request you to seriously consider this letter with unbiased experts and build a world where-

sarve bhavantu sukhinaḥ, sarve santu nirāmayāḥ.
sarve bhadrāṇi paśyantu, mā kaścid duḥkhabhāg bhavet..

i.e., may all be happy, healthy, and well-being in every way, and no one should be unhappy on this earth.

Above all, it has been prayed in the Vedas that the whole world i.e. the nearest part of the centers of stars and galaxies, all the stars, planets and satellites, space, land, water, air, all energy, knowledge-science, human and animal worlds, That is, it should be favourable and balanced. May the entire animal world, plant world etc., also be peaceful. May the Supreme Soul and his knowledge and science also bring peace to us. May all the living beings living in the entire universe be completely free from all the three types of misery i.e. physical, mental and spiritual diseases, besides all kinds of natural wraths and sorrows caused by each other. Can any book or institution in the world even imagine such a high ideal? But, unfortunately, we human beings forget the Vedas and start walking with our so-called intellect, then how we will get happiness? That’s why we need all of us human beings to walk together on this Vedic path.

Sir, If you do not listen to me or we Bhartiyon (Indians) who are proud of Vedic texts and ancient Bhartiya (Indian) knowledge-science, then at least consider the words of these following scholars and scientists-

A well-known scholar named Prof. Heeren wrote about the Vedas that-

They (The Vedas) are without doubt the oldest works composed in Sanskrit. Even the most ancient Sanskrit writings allude to the Vedas as already existing. The Vedas stand alone in their solitary splendour, standing as a beacon of Divine Light for the Onward march of humanity.

Nobel laureate famous philosopher Maeterlinck expressed the importance of Vedas in the words of a scholar named Steiner in the following words-

Only the gaze of the clairvoyant, directed upon the mysteries of the past, may reveal un-uttered wisdom which lies hidden behind these writings (The Vedas).

Whence did our pre-historic ancestors in their supposed terrible state of ignorance and abandonment, derive these extra-ordinary intuitions that knowledge and assurance which we ourselves are re-conquering.

A well-known scholar of America named Thoreau gave the following statements about the Vedas-

What extracts from the Vedas I have read fall on me like the light of a higher and purer luminary which describes a loftier course through a purer stratum free from particulars, simple, universal; the Vedas contain a sensible account of God.

Mr Boulanger, the editor of the Russian edition of the ‘Sacred Books of the East Series’, wrote in a scathing critique of the famous German scholar Prof. Max Müller’s speculative translation of the Vedas:

What struck me in Maxmuller’s translation was a lot of absurdities, obscene passages and a lot of what is not lucid.’ As far as I can grasp the teaching of the Vedas, it is so sublime that I would look upon it as a crime on my part if the Russian public becomes acquainted with it through the medium of a confused and distorted translation, thus not deriving for its soul that benefit which this teaching should give to the people.

An English scholar named W.D.Brown has written about Vedic religion in his book Superiority of the Vedic Religion deserves to be mentioned in golden letters. they write-

It (Vedic Religion) recognizes but One God. It is a thoroughly scientific religion where religion and science meet hand in hand. Here theology is based upon science and philosophy.

The French scholar, Mr Jacolliot, wrote with great surprise:

Astonishing fact! The Hindu Revelation (Veda) is of all revelations the only one whose ideas are in perfect harmony with Modern Science, as it proclaims the slow and gradual formation of the world.

Great Welsh physicist and Nobel Laureate, Brian David Josephson

The Vedanta and the Sankhya hold the key to the laws of the mind and thought process which are corelated to the Quantum Field, i.e., the operation and distribution of particles at atomic and molecular levels.

Great British philosopher and mathematician, Alfred North Whitehead

Vedanta is the most impressive metaphysics the human mind has conceived.

World-famous Swiss psychiatrist; influential thinker and founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung

As we study the philosophy of the Upanishads, the impression grows on us that the attainment of this path is not exactly the simplest of tasks. Our Western superciliousness in the face of these Indian insights is a mark of our barbarian nature, which has not the remotest inkling of their extraordinary depth and astonishing psychological accuracy.

Eminent English philosopher and one of the most widely read prolific writers of the twentieth century, Alan Watts

To the philosophers of India, however, Relativity is no new discovery, just as the concept of light years is no matter for astonishment to people used to thinking of time in millions of kalpas.

It is, indeed, a remarkable circumstance that when Western civilization discovers Relativity, it applies it to the manufacture of atom-bombs, whereas Oriental civilization applies it to the development of new states of consciousness.

Danish nuclear physicist, Niels Bohr

I go into the Upanishads to ask questions.

Celebrated American-born British poet, philosopher, a critic of the twentieth century, awarded by Nobel Prize, T.S. Eliot

Indian philosophers’ subtleties make most of the great European philosophers look like schoolboys.

German Nobel Laureate, great scientist and philosopher, Albert Einstein

We owe a lot to the Indians who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.

One of the greatest physicists of the twentieth century; awarded the Nobel Prize, Erwin Schrödinger

Some blood transfusion from the East to the West is a must to save Western science from spiritual anaemia.

The only solution to this conflict insofar as any is available to us at all, lies in the ancient wisdom of the Upanishads.

One of the greatest German scientists and co-founders of quantum mechanics, awarded the Nobel Prize, Werner Heisenberg

After the conversations about Indian philosophy, some of the ideas of Quantum Physics that had seemed so crazy suddenly made much more sense.

The greatest French Enlightenment author, critic, essayist, historian, and philosopher, Voltaire

I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganga—astronomy, astrology, metempsychosis etc. It is very important to note that some 2500 years ago at least Pythagoras went from Samos to the Ganga to learn geometry … But he would certainly not have undertaken such a strange journey had the reputation of the Brahmins’ science not been long established in Europe.

The Veda was the most precious gift for which the West has ever been indebted to the East.

One of the greatest German philosophers and writers, Arthur Schopenhauer

In the whole world there is no study so beneficial and so elevating as that of the Upanishads. It has been the solace of my life; and it will be the solace of my death. They are the product of the highest wisdom.

Access to the Vedas is the greatest privilege this century may claim over all previous centuries.

Eminent American physicist, The first among those who conceptualized the atomic bomb, John Archibald Wheeler

One has the feeling that the thinkers of the East knew it all, and if we could only translate their answers into our language we would have the answers to all our questions.

It is curious that people like Schrödinger, Niels Bohr, Oppenheimer and John Wheeler are Upanishad scholars.

One of the world’s greatest physicists, known as ‘the father of the atomic bomb’, Julius R. Oppenheimer

What we shall find in [Modern Physics] is an exemplification, an encouragement and a refinement of old Hindu wisdom.

Great American philosopher, writer, social critic and transcendentalist, Henry David Thoreau

One sentence of Vedas is worth the State of Massachusetts many times over.

Whenever I have read any part of the Vedas, I have felt that some unearthly and unknown light illuminated me. In the great teaching of the Vedas, there is no touch of sectarianism. It is of all ages, climes and nationalities and is the royal road for the attainment of the Great Knowledge. When I am at it, I feel that I am under the spangled heavens of a summer night.

Japanese philosopher, Hajime Nakamura

The cultural ties between India and Japan are very old. The credit for the rich, advanced and sophisticated Japanese culture today goes to India.

Noted American theoretical physicist, Jack Sarfatti

I suspect that in general the relativity and quantum theories are two complementary aspects of a deeper theory that will involve a kind of cosmic consciousness. The cosmic consciousness or the ‘Mahat’ of India’s Samkhya Philosophy is the basis of entire creation.

These scholars and scientists have understood very little about the science of Vedas. Had he been alive in the present and had read our Vedic Rashmi Theory, he would have been extremely happy. Through you, I call upon the scientists and other scholars of the world that once they come out of the boundaries of their respective countries, languages ​​and sects, becoming just honest and truth-seeking human beings, along with their science and technology, Please consider the Vedic science too. I hope they find a wonderful light.

I hope now you have understood the importance of Vedas’. By rethinking the agenda 2030, you will play an important role in saving this world.

With the same spirit


​Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik
Head, Shri Vaidic Swasti Pantha Nyas,
Acharya, Vedic, and Modern Physics Research Institute
Bhagal Bhim, Bhinmal, Jalore (Raj.) – 343029

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